Suncontrol windowfilm

Solutions against excessive heat,
light or UV rays in your house

Safety & Security windowfilm

Against burglary or
disasters of nature

Insulating window film

Energy saving
up to 30%

Privacy window film

Simple and cheap
improve your privacy

Installing windowfilms for suncontrol, safety & security, privacy and isolation, on the Costa Blanca in Spain!

We have more than 14 years experience with windowfilms and all its possibilities.

We only install the best windowfilms in the world, developed and delivered by 3M and Llumar.

DMG Windowcare, Calpe, Costa BlancaHow do windowfilms solve your problems in cases like:

  • Too much heat through the windows
  • Too much light through the windows
  • Fading of the furniture
  • Poor isolation of single pane windows
  • Lack of privacy, every one is staring through the windows
  • Windows are not burglar-proof
  • Unsafe glass for children

And what about the decorative possibilities, colours and images with windowfilm.

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