Láminas Solares

Soluciones para repele el calor,
la luz o los rayos UV en su casa

Láminas de Protección y Seguridad

Mas seguro con pruebas
de robos y fuerza natural

Laminás de Aislamientos

Ahorro de energía
hasta un 30%

Láminas para una vida privada

Simple y barata
mejorar su privacidad

Algunos ejemplos de los proyectos donde láminas solares ha proporcionado soluciones perfectas. Disponible en inglés.

  • Clinic in Javea chooses windowfilm

    Windowfilm had to increase the privacy in the threatment-rooms at this clinic in Javea, and the name of the clinic should be

    By using a combination of windowfilms we were able to really satisfy our client. We used a Sandblast-film for privacy, giving the windows a matte white color and still enough light entering through the windows.

    Through the big windows of the threatment-rooms on the southside, a lot of heat entered the rooms and the rest of the clinic. We applied a combination of windowfilms: high-reflective suncontrol windowfilm with the Sandblast-film for privacy.

    On the outside we installed a red banner of film with the name of the clinic cut out. Making it perfectly clear that this is a clinig!
  • Problem: too much heat entering through the windows

    At the first visit we found out that there really was a problem: more heat inside than outside! This part of the house is built on the south side where the sun enters all day. Because of the type of windows used, other sun protection could not be installed.

    Windowfilm was the best solution.

    We applied a high-reflective windowfilm on the outside, reflecting over 80% of the sun’s heat. The Helios20, a specially developed windowfilm for outside installation, proved to be the perfect solution.

  • Problem: lack of privacy and fading of furniture

    The bedroom of this appartment is close to the parkinglot. Because of that there was a lack of privacy and also fading of the furniture because of the sun’s influence. Traditional sunprotection was not possible to install, because there was too much wind.

    Windowfilm again, proved to be the best solution.

    Specially developed by 3M for residential buildings, 3M Scotchtint NightVision, increases the privacy and reduces the UV by 99%! The windowfilm is applied on the inside and gives a neutral look.
  • Problem: no privacy

    In this urbanisation the houses are build close to each other which means a lack of privacy at day time. There were a few possibilities to solve this:
    1) keeping the shutters down all day
    2) keeping the blinds down all day
    Both possibilities would take away the view and a lot of light.

    Windowfilm specially developed for residential buildings, brought the best solution!
    Privacy was increased ánd they kept the view.

    We applied 3M Scotchtint NightVision. This windowfilm has a neutral color, high visible light transmission and more privacy.

    3M Scotchtint NightVision brought a beautiful and satisfying solution!